frican ccTLD ACRP/AGM 2009 Hosted by Tanzania Network Information Centre "tzNIC".

13th - 17th April 2009 ,
Arusha, Tanzania

Theme: “Securing Africa's Internet Infrastructure”


Presentations & Materials

AGM Report

Event Photos

The Event Presentations

April 13th , 2009 Day 1

Opening Ceremony  

Introductory remarks and AfTLD Progress Report by Michuki Mwangi

tZNIC Progress Report by Prof. Beda, PAC Chair, TzNIC

Official Opening Address by Deputy Minister of Communications,

Science &Technology by Hon. Dr. Maua Daftari


Vote of Thanks by Dr. Paulos Nyirenda

A/DCRP Training Workshop Material


April 14th , 2009 Day 2


Hands-On Security Workshop Materials


IPv6 /DNSSEC Workshop Day



April 15th 2009 Day 3


Hands One Security Workshop Materials

IPv6 /DNSSEC Workshop Day 2



April 16th 2009 Day 4       

AfTLD Progress Report by Eric Akumiah

ICANN Update by Anne-Rachel Inne

ATU IGF in Mauritius by Vincent Ngundi

Legal issues related to ccTLDs and Cyber Security by Adam Mambi

Towards an AfTLD-led Dispute Resolution Process in African ccTLDs by Neil Dundas

April 17th 2009, Day 5 

AfriNIC Update by Lillian Sharpley

AfNOG Update by Eric Akumiah

ISOC Update by Michuki Mwangi

College Internationale Update



Regional Organizations’ Update:

CENTR by Wim Degezelle

APTLD by Ramesh Kumar Nadaraja

Positioning Your ccTLD for Growth – Case Studies:

• .
Tz by Abibu Ntahigiye

Ke by Vincent Ngundi

.NG by Ndukwe Kalu


AfTLD Working Group Reports

Technical WG by Vincent Ngundi

• Constitutional WG by Vika Mpisane

Research WG by Paulos Nyirenda (Dr.)



Chairman's Report

AfTLD 2009 AGM Report

Hosted byTanzania Network Information Centre (.tzNIC)




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