AROC Bamako 2010


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Advanced Registry Operation Course (AROC) Workshop

27 September - 2nd OCtober 2010
Theme: "Enhancing Internet Management in Africa"






The African Top Level Domains Organization (AfTLD), the association of African ccTLDs, is organizing an Advance Registry Operation Course (AROC) Workshop for ccTLDs in Africa. The workshop will be held in Bamako, Mali from 27 September to 2nd October 2010. The event will be generously hosted by the Agence des Technologies d’Information et de la Communication (AGETIC), the Malian Information Technology Agency and Sotelma, the  NIC-ML support organization, with the support of local sponsors. The medium of instruction will be in French and English.

Workshop is a five day technical Advanced Registry Operation Course AROC) workshop for ccTLD technical managers and staff developed jointly by ICAN/ISOC/NSRC. Through this workshop, AfTLD intends to contribute to the process of developing and enhancing management of Internet infrastructure and services in Africa.

AfTLD's theme for the year 2010 is  “Enhancing Internet Management in Africa”. The AROC workshop is a fellow-up workshop of two Intitial Registry Operation Course (IROC) workshops in Dakar and Nairobi for the franch-speaking c and English-speaking ccTLDs respectively and is part of AfTLD’s effort to enhance capacity of ccTLD managers in the Africa region in particular to manage their registries efficiently.

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