4th Annual African ccTLD Event
AfTLD -5

2nd  - 7th March 2010 , Nairobi, Kenya

Theme: “Enhancing Internet Management in Africa”




Kenya ( Visas )


AfTLD 4th Annual African ccTLD Event
Draft Program Agenda

a. Initial Registry Operation Course (IROC)/DNSSEC
2- 6 March, 2010

Course Overview:
(40 hours) The Initial Registry Operations Course (IROC), course #1 of the Registry Operations Curriculum, provides an introduction to operating a registry. Students will learn the basics of computer networking, the domain name system, registry architecture, and name server operation. Through a creative use of hands-on exercises, students will gain an operational understanding of how to install, configure and operate core components of a registry. Students will gain perspectives with real-world experience from networking with other students and through sharing of best practices.

More information on Course can be found here:  https://nsrc.org/trac/cctld/wiki/IROC
March 2  2010  Day 1 Topic Notes
Session 1 Welcome, Intro, Course Infrastructure
Session 2 DNS Fundamentals
Session 3 Unix/Linux Overview, Linux Install
Session 4 Registry Architecture
March 3 2010 Day 2 Topic Notes
Session 5 Student (ccTLD) Presentations
Session 6 Practical SSH
Session 7 Commands, Terminals and Consoles
Session 8 Editing
Session 9 Policy Discussion
March 4 2010 - Day 3 Topic Notes
Session 10 Permissions
Session 11 Network Architecture
Session 12 TCP/IP Networking
Session 13 Network Definitions and Tools
March 5 2010 -Day 4 Topic Notes
Session 14 DNS
Session 15 DNS
Session 16 DNS
Session 17 DNS/Whois
March 6 2010 - Day 5 Topic Notes
Session 18 DNS/Whois
Session 19 Exam,Workshop Evaluation,Certificates
Session 20 Introduction to DNSSEC-1

Session 21 Hot Topics: DNSSEC, IPv6

 Venue: Panafric Hotel             Time: 7:30 PM Kenyan Time

b. Annual Meeting/AGM
7 March 2010

March 7 2010 - Day 6

9:00 -10:00

Welcome Remarks
Keynote Address by Minister of Communication, Kenya

Vote of Thanks

Vika Mpisane
Sammy Buruchara
 Rod Beckstrom

  Tea Break

10:30 - 11:00 am
 ICANN Update
 IANA Update
 ccNSO Update
Anna-Rachel Inne
Kim Davis
Gabriella Schittek

11:00 - 11:40am
AfTLD Update
APTLD Update
CENTR Update
Eric Akumiah
Henry  Chan
Wim  Degezelle
Erick Iriarte Ahon

11:40 - 12:00pm
AfriNIC Update
Lillian Sharpley
Michuki Mwangi
12:00 -12:40pm
AusRegistry Presentation
Cocca Presentation

Jon Lawrence
Garth Miller

12:40 -2:00pm
AfTLD Research Report
AfTLD Capacity Building Report
ccTLD best practice research session

Dr. Paulos Nyirenda
Vincent Ngund
2:00 - 2:45pm LUNCH  Sponsored by  AusRegistry    
2:45 -3:45
Kenic Update
tzNIC Update
zaDNA Update
.MG Update
. HT Emergency Response Update (remote)
Joe Kiragu
Abibu Ntahigiye
Vika Mpisane
Raft Mag
reynold guerrier 
3:45 -4:00pm
Coffee Break

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Chairman’s Report
Financial Report
Adoption of new programs/policies
Membership Update
Election of New Director to replace Retiring Director
Any Other Business

Closing Remarks & Way forward

Vika Mpisane

For sponsorship opportunity for the event, please send email to secretariat@aftld.org

Hosted by Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC)


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