How to Join AfTLD

AfTLD Membership is now opened to associate membership in line with Section 9 of the AfTLD Constitution which was approved at the 2009 AGM Meeting in Arusha, Tanzania. Associate membership of the association may be given to any individual, organisation or corporate body that operates an internet domain registry or in the Internet space and the General Assembly considers that AfTLD would benefit from such bodies or organisations having Membership of AfTLD. All ccTLD Operators in the Africa Region are eligible to be full members.

Benefits of Membership

Participation in all AfTLD meetings for discussing related policies and forming positions to be presented to other fora or Internet coordination bodies
• Physical meetings: 1 regular meetings each year
• On-line meetings: as needed
• Participation in workshops or projects to foster exchange of experience and expertise in technical and operational matters
• Access to AfTLD mailing lists for discussion and information sharing
• e-Newsletter for review on significant news/events/documents related to ccTLDs in AF region, ICANN and other bodies

To apply for membership simply fill the Membership Application Form as listed below and send it to copy . Applications will go through the necessary procedures in line with the AfTLD constitution and the successful applicants duly notified.

AfTLD New Membership Application Form "PDF" ..
AfTLD New Membership Application Form "Word" ..

AFTLD Members (24)

bf (Burkina faso)
bi ( Burundi )
cd ( DR Congo)
cf (Central African Republic)
ci ( Cote d'Ivoire )
eg ( Egypt )
ke ( Kenya )
km (Comoros)
ly ( Libya )
mg ( Madagascar )
ml (Mali)
mr ( Mauritania )
mu (Mauritius)
mw ( Malawi )
mz ( Mozambique )
ng ( Nigeria )
sc ( Seychelles )
sd ( Sudan )
so (Somali)
td (Chad)
tz ( Tanzania )
za ( South Africa )
zm (Zambia)

Associate Members (7)

1. AusRegistry International
CoCCa Council of Country Code Administrators Incorporated.
GlOCOM Center for Global Communications
4.  The African Registrar
WC3 Senegal
7.GMO Registry

AFTLD ccTLD Domains Report

We are working to issue a report that contains updated, detailed information about African ccTLD Domains and Internet Community .

We Urge African ccTLD Sponsoring Organizations, Administrative and Technical Managers to provide us with the number of domains in there country TLD .

Please send the bellow details to :
1.Name of Country TLD
2.Name of Sponsoring Organization
3.Type of Management Structure ( Telecom, Civil Society, Government, University, Private ..ect )
4.Admin & Technical Contact Emails
5.Number of Domains in Country TLD

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