African ccTLD Workshop “ Building Local Internet Community”
Hosted by Egypt's
National Telecommunications Authority “NTRA”
28th - 30th May 2007 , Mövenpick Resort Cairo-Pyramids, Cairo


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AfTLD Organized the First African ccTLD workshop with the theme "Building Local Internet Community" which was hosted by Egypt's NTRA and Sponsored by ICANN, ISOC and AfriNIC which was held from 28th-30th May 2007. 15 African ccTLD managers have participated in the Workshop.

Objectives of the Workshop :
AFTLD workshops main objective is to offer advanced training and exchange of best practices between African Country Code Top Level Domain operators/managers, ISPs and Governments, who are participants in the process of developing and enhancing a national Internet infrastructure and provide assistance in building a strong local internet services by promoting and utilizing country’s top level domain .

Goals of the workshop :
The goals of the workshop are :

To train a critical mass of trainers and professionals in DNS management, networking and services to be able to support an extension of DNS and Internet-related activities within the African countries represented.

To identify and share individual and institutional best practices and contacts as well as information sources that will assist the process of national internet infrastructure development.

To build robust African ccTLD/Internet Professional Network between all participants in the programs so that the mentor-student and colleague-colleague relationships formed during the workshop and conferences will remain strong and of continuing usefulness well beyond the workshop and conference.

To increase the level of co-operation among existing African ccTLD Registries/Operators, Government and Local Internet Community, and share information on projects and activities for establishing public data networks in Africa.

To train trainers and groups who will return to their country and region and who will train others in DNS and other internet related topic utilizing AfTLD training Package.



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