African ccTLD Workshop/AGM 2008 Hosted by Republic of South Africa, Department of Communications "DOC".

7th - 11th April 2008 ,
Johannesburg, South Africa

Theme: “Strengthening our Internet Institutions”


Presentations & Materials

AGM Report


The Event Presentations

April 7th , 2008 AfTLD Plenary Day 1

Keynote Address
Hon. Dr. Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, Minister of Communications, South Africa

AfTLD Progress Report
Vika Mpisane, AfTLD

Overview of DNS Industry Trends
Cowley, CEO, Nominet ( UK )


Trends in ccTLD Industry  
Wim Degezelle, CENTR

Critical Internet Resources : Global DNS &  Status of the Global IP resources
Kim Davies, IANA

Status of African ccTLDs
Dr.Paulos Nyirenda, AfTLD

Establishing ccTLD Institutions in Africa – Overcoming the Challenges
Michuki Mwangi, AfTLD

Overview of ccTLD Registry Models
Mohamed El Bashir, .SD

APTLD ( Asia-Pacific Top Level Domains )
Don Hollander, APTLD

CENTR ( Council for European National TLD Registries )  
Wim Degezelle, CENTR

Overview of .GH Registry
Eric Akumiah, .GH

Overview of .GN Registry
Abdoulaye Diakite, .GN

Overview of .NG Registry
Ndukwe Kalu .NG ( NIRA )

Overview of .ML Registry
Alioune Badara Traore, .ML

Overview of .EG Registry
Dr.Nashwa Abdelbaki, .EG

April 8th , 2008 AfTLD Plenary Day 2

ccTLD Best Practices : ITU Perspective
Ali Drissa Badiel, ITU Africa

Overview of .CI Open Source Registry System: CODEV-NIC
Souleymane Oumtanaga, .CI

.FR Organizational Model & Registry System
Mohsen Souissi, .FR

.UK Registry Update
Lesley Cowley, .UK

.CZ Automated Registry System (FRED)
Jaromir Talir, .CZ

April 9th 2008, AfTLD Plenary Day 3

DNSSEC : Introduction to DNSSEC, Signing the Root, DNSSec Deployment Report.
Ondrej Sury, .CZ NIC

Introduction to IDN Basics & Concepts
Mohammed EL Bashir, ccNSO IDNC

ICANN IDN Report & Updates
Baher Esmat, ICANN

IDN ccTLDs Fast track
Paulos Nyirenda, .MW

ISOC & IETF Update
Dawit Bekele, ISOC Africa

Eric Akumiah, AfNOG

College International (Guinea)
Abdoulaye Diakite (AGNIC)

IGF Progress Report
Pierre Ouedraogo, OIF

IGF Best Practices ( UK IGF Experience )
Lesley Cowley, .UK

Pierre Ouedraogo, OIF

.KE Registry Update
Vincent Ngundi, .KE

Access Panel Introduction notes

April 10th 2008,  AfTLD Plenary Day 4       

Overview of  ICANN : ICANN Joint Project Agreement (JPA) review
                                  ICANN ccTLD Accountability Framework
Increasing ICANN Participation
Anne-Rachel Inne, ICANN


IANA Functions & ccTLD
Kim Davis, IANA

ALAC Functions and Roles
Mohamed EL Bashir, ALAC

ccNSO Functions, Roles and Participation
Gabrielle Schittek, ccNSO, ICANN

Mitigating Effects of Political Instability on ccTLD Registries
Vincent Ngundi, .KE

.za Dispute Resolution Progress Report
Neil Dundas, .za DRP

AfTLD AGM : Chairman’s Report
Michuki Mwangi, AfTLD

AfTLD AGM : Annual Report

April 11th 2008, AfTLD Plenary Day 5 

IPv6 Deployment in Africa : CO.ZA
Calvin Browne, CO.ZA

Egypt IPv6 Deployment : Egypt IPv6 Task Force
Hisham Ahmed

IPv6 Deployment in Africa : .KE
Vincent Ngundi. .KE

Adiel Akplogan, AfriNIC

AfTLD the Way forward
Michuki Mwangi, AfTLD

Hosted by Department of Communications “DOC”, Government of South Africa




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